Tokens compatibles con Adeptus Mechanicus

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35 Tokens (si, has oído bien 35 tokens) de tu códex favorito que te ayudarán durante la batalla: Machine focus, Firepoint telemetry cache, Eyes of the omnissiah, The cerebral techno-mitre, Multitasking cortex, Incense exhaust, Analyses of the logos x2, Fabrications of the artisan x2, Divination of the magos x2, Data-blessed autosermon, Emotionless clarity, Dunestriders, Archived engagements, Lead in Prayer, Citation in savagery, Programmed retreat, Electro-filament countermeasures, Galvanic field, Lord of mars, Seismic bomb, Control edict x2, Machine spirit resurgent, Tribute of emphatic, Deafening assault, Tech adept, Siphoned vigour, Battle sphere uplink, Luminescent blessing, Benevolence of the omnissiah, Raiment of the tecnomartyr y Electro shocked.

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