Tokens compatibles con Tau Empire

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30 Tokens de tu códex favorito que te ayudarán durante la batalla ¡FOR THE GREATER GOOD!: Nova reactor x3, Dynamic offensive, Aggresive tactics, Power of tides, Backup ai, Photon grenade, Point-black volley, Unifying mantra, Resolute firebase, Zephyr´s grace, Deploy anchors, Tactical acumen, The grisly feast, On-board sensors, Defender of the greater good, Ionised shockfield, XV02 pilot battlesuit, Storm of fire, Target sighted, Repulsor impac field, Way of the short blade, Neuroweb system jammer, Structural analyser, Drop threat acquisition, Dominator fragmentation launcher, Exemplar of the mon´ka, Inspire to dreatness y Sense of stone.

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